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Empire Of Rocks In Surrealism

For the first time, I encounter the texture of stone, its shapes and unevenness, its power to destroy and shape something that has never been seen before. It makes us think how quickly everything can pass, how a huge rock can disappear, level with the ground, turn into dust... I found the inspiration for the destruction of the rocky world in Arizona. And it didn't stop there, it continued with the apocalypse of world architectural editions, and the presentation in my own way, with the message that everything is transitory, all that beauty can be even more beautiful, but not always with the help of the human factor, as we usually know how to say. "Wonders of the world made by human hands", however the truth is quite different and they are usually tiny in comparison to natural wonders. Nature makes its own stone structures, a kind of creation that is often unknown to us. From that natural harmony, I noticed that one can add or take away a small dose of the harmony of nature by showing rocks, mountains, cities that will be transformed into stone, which will rest alone in peace even after our departure as silent witnesses of our creation. . Although each of my paintings has its own building, its own place that may not have been its own, it is not recognized, it makes its own place. their paths that lead to infinity. Why does everything have to have its own order and its own shape that we built the way we like it. The stone makes its own nest and its own shape, it creates space for itself, an unreal color.

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